Spring Collection 2010


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Item#: BR222 Price: $64

Silver-peacock Coin Pearl and Sterling Silver Tubes

Sterling Silver 2 Strand Designer Hook Clasp


Item#: BR194 Price: $48

Red Onyx and Lapis Lazuli



Item#: BR195 Price: $48

Abalone and Hematite Crystal



Item#: BR224 Price: $52

Blue Faceted Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Beads



Item#: BR214 Price: $152

Two Strand 11mm Freshwater White Cultured Pearls

Sterling Silver & Pearl Designer Tab Clasp

7 1/2"

Item#: BR216 Price: $124

Two Strand 11mm Freshwater Bronze Cultured Pearls, Turquoise Rondelles

Sterling Silver & Turquoise Designer Tab Clasp

Size: 7 1/2 "

Item#: BR212 Price: $72

Sterling Silver Coin and Tube Beads

Sterling Silver Designer Spring Clasp

Size: 7 1/2"

Item#: BR211 Price $26

Liquid Sterling Silver Beads, Pink Freshwater Pearls

Sterling Silver 6mm Spring Clasp

Size: 7 1/2"

Item#: BR197 Price: $53

Red Velvet Crystal, Sterling Silver Spacers

Sterling Silver Bar and Trigger Clasp

7" plus 1" Extender

Item#: BR173 Price: $57

Orange Cubic Zirconia and Gold-filled Spacers

Gold-filled Designer Tab Clasp

Size: Small 6 1/2 "


Item# BR201 Price: $52

Faceted Quartz Barrels, Amethyst and Sterling Silver Spacers

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Designer Tab Clasp.

Size: 7"

Item#: BR220 Price: $32

Bronze Pearl, Gold-filled Tube Beads

Gold-filled Spring Clasp.

Size: 7"

Item#: BR225 Price: $46

Large Faceted Onyx, Onyx Rondelles, Swarovski Spacers



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