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About LITA designs

It's Christmas season, 1999. I'm in my usual holiday mood;
I refuse to give meaningless gifts for the sake of convention
and I'm not going to a mall!

Then Lady Luck steers me to a lovely bead shop
in Chester, CT, where I fall in love
with Czech and Austrian crystal beads.

With some tutoring from fellow artists and
research on my own, my family and friends
received lovingly created one-of-a-kind gifts that year.
They loved them! The rest is history.

Both LITA designs and I have grown over the years.
I thought of the acronym LITA–
Love Is The Answer, long ago.
I like getting that thought out there.

By LOVE, of course,
I’m don’t just mean Romantic Love, nice as that is
I mean the enduring Love
taught by every true Spirituality – Kindness,
Compassion, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment,
Self Love and Respect for Others.

When we center in this Force
and create from this Awareness,
good things can happen.

My intention in creating artful jewelry is
to enhance your beauty and add to your joy.

Thank you for your interest and support,
I take pleasure in continuing to serve you,

Adelita Chirino
LITA designs